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The National Bank of Pakistan or NBP is a domestic Pakistani owned commercial bank that has origins from 1949. It has branch network of over 1297 branches in Pakistan and provides traditional retail banking products as well as Islamic banking, farm credit schemes, business cash management, t... read more

National Bank Of Pakistan Discussion

  • Q: I have current account in Nbp. I want saving Account for best monthly profit. What can I do for that.

    Reply nighat from Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Q: Hello sir I want to deposit money in national bank of Pakistan for 50 years on interest So my question is how much interest I'll receive monthly on 2million rupees?

    Reply Mubeen from Hāsal, Pakistan

National Bank Of Pakistan Discussion Activity

  • Savings
    Q: I want to deposit 2000000 Pakistan Rupee to a 10 fixed deposit? What rate is it at this moment of time?

    AMJAD ALI from Northampton, United Kingdom
  • NBP 3 Year Term Deposit - Deposits
    Q: The effect of interest rate on debt financing instruments A.same company with different tenure investment bond B.different company with same tenure bond

    atiq from Pakistan
  • NBP 3 Year Term Deposit - Deposits
    Q: what is the interest rate of 3year and 7year security of NBP (I need it for my assignment)

    KANZA from Hāsal, Pakistan
  • Savings
    Q: Please give me information how can I open current account in NATIONAL BANK OF PAKISTAN

    Yasir from Pakistan