Pakistan Savings Accounts

Bank Rate Type
MCB Savings Account

This interest rate is for the 'PLS - Savings Account' product 

Jun 2016
Habib Bank Savings Account

Rate indicated is the Indicative Rate of Profit p.a. for the 'PLS-Savings Chequing Account' product.

May 2016
Nov 2017


  • Q: I want to know about AMC , Akd investment, I hear about it it's give the ever high return on investment.

    Reply faqir gul from Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Q: If i have 5000000 ruppies how much ruppies i wil gate for it 3 years polacy of fix

    Reply Ghulam mujtaba from Pakistan
  • Q: I wana save 5000000 ruppies and wana know that what will b my monthly saving

    Reply Madiha from Islamabad, Pakistan
    • R: I suggest u to open bank account in BANK ALFALAH ISLAMIC . The most beneficial and halal account is ALFALAH MUSHARKA ACCOUNT. The profit are variable change on monthly basis. Currently the profit rates for musharka a/c is 3.62 goes up and down a little bit. Suppose you have 50 lakes. The profit on 50 Lakh will be 5000000*3.62/100=181000. One lakh eighty one thousand will be your profit

      Reply Hassan
      • R: Is it monthly basis profit 3.62 % or anual

        Reply Walkar
  • Q: What are main things require to open the account in barklays bank.can one open account online if yes then what procedure require

    Reply memoona from Islamabad, Pakistan
    • R: No you can't open . A bank representative always required to open a/c. The purpose of online is only when a customer try to fill form to open an account bank receive and come to know automatically that someone really interested in opening an a/c so request is already made and then will contact you through its representative. The representative will give a form to fill you have to sign that form and you have to provide your identity card and if you are salaried person then you have to provide salary slip that should be stamped from the company you are working with in case of salary slip computer generated then no need of stamp or further company proof .

      Reply Hassan
  • Q: Can we withdraw the amount from any atm like mcb atm aor not?

    Reply memoona from Islamabad, Pakistan
    • R: Dear for your kind information if you are an individual and doing business or salaried person in that case bank need a original letter head of your business and if you are salaried person then needs your salary slip or appointment letter of your job.cnic copy that's it. This is what required currently for opening bank a/c in any bank of Pakistan .

      Reply Hassan
  • Q: Tell me the difference between saving account and fix deposite and comparative facilities provided by barklays bank its terms and conditions

    Reply memoona from Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Q: What does the intrest rate or money in rs at one lakh(100000)rs in saving account tell me about included taxes or excluded taxes... And for how much time i should have been saved it .. And if i saved more money etc (1000000) ten lakh my intrest rate will remain same or it will b more... Plz ans me soon.. I m realy intrested to have an account...

    Reply Tantna from Calera, United States
  • Q: Dear sir or madam I am here in uae I want to opena saving account how I can open from here uae thank®ard .

    Reply Usman from Dubai, United Arab Emirates