National Bank of Pakistan

National Bank of Pakistan Locations

Regions : Federal Capital

Federal Capital Locations

Cities : Islamabad
Islamabad Branches
Islamic Banking Br.Blue Area Islamabad Branch 85-West, Rizwan Center, G-7, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area Islamabad
A.R.C. Branch Near SBP Building, Islamabad 9206534
NIH Branch National Institute of Health, Chakshehzad, Islamabad 9255085
A.I.O.U Branch AIOU, Main Campus Sector H-8, Islamabad 9250203
Foreign Office Branch Ministry of Foreign Affairs,. Islamabad 9201530

National Bank Of Pakistan Discussion

  • Q: If I save 1 lac then how many profit I will gain after 1 year time period?kindly inform me

    Reply Asad from Karachi, Pakistan
  • Q: Pl.send me list of interests on PLS saving accounts from 1986 to 2009 ,yealy

    Reply S.ghazanfar from Hāsal, Pakistan
  • Q: What is current interest rate in a current account. National bank of Pakistan. If there is more than one type of current account. Can I have interest rate for both or all current account available by national bank of Pakistan. Thank you in advance.

    Reply Khalid from Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • Q: I have current account in Nbp. I want saving Account for best monthly profit. What can I do for that.

    Reply nighat from Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Q: Hello sir I want to deposit money in national bank of Pakistan for 50 years on interest So my question is how much interest I'll receive monthly on 2million rupees?

    Reply Mubeen from Hāsal, Pakistan
    • R: dear friend, i am a financial consultant and an investor in Pakistan. i have done comparatively study on banks in Pakistan, they hardly pay you 5 to 7 percent including tax, which is almost nothing at the end

      Reply awaiz
      • R: So what you thinking now for investment plz suggest for me thanks

        Reply Khalil

National Bank Of Pakistan Discussion Activity

  • NBP Savings Account - Savings
    Q: What is current yr profit rate ?

    Reply Bahar from Hungary
  • NBP 5 Year Term Deposit - Deposits
    Q: Hello sir i want to Deposit money in NBP 200000 Thousand for 10 year .After 10 Year am how much get money from Bank please inform me .Thanks

    Reply Tahir from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • NBP 5 Year Term Deposit - Deposits
    Q: I want 5lac plan fix money in NBP aftar 5 years i get how much money

    Reply Sajjad from Multan, Pakistan
  • Savings
    Q: I want to deposit 2000000 Pakistan Rupee to a 10 fixed deposit? What rate is it at this moment of time?

    Reply AMJAD ALI from Northampton, United Kingdom
  • NBP 3 Year Term Deposit - Deposits
    Q: The effect of interest rate on debt financing instruments A.same company with different tenure investment bond B.different company with same tenure bond

    Reply atiq from Pakistan
  • NBP 3 Year Term Deposit - Deposits
    Q: what is the interest rate of 3year and 7year security of NBP (I need it for my assignment)

    Reply KANZA from Hāsal, Pakistan
  • Savings
    Q: Please give me information how can I open current account in NATIONAL BANK OF PAKISTAN

    Reply Yasir from Pakistan