MCB Savings Account

MCB Savings Account

Rate at 7.00% p.a*

on MCB's secure website



This interest rate is for the 'PLS - Savings Account' product

The rate of 7.00% is 1.99% higher than the average 5.01%. Also it isthe highest rate for this term period.Updated Jun, 2016

Compare MCB Saving rates

Account NameRate
MCB 1 Year Term Deposit7.27%
MCB Personal Loan22.00%
MCB 6 Month Term Deposit7.135%

Compare Saving rates in Pakistan

Account NameRate
Habib Bank Savings Account4.04%
NBP Savings Account4.00%


  • Q: What is profit rate for young saver account.

    ReplyRubina from Pakistan
  • Q: in mcb islamic banking......incase of lost how much % will bear the bank and how much % by the customer????

    Replyismail from Islamabad, Pakistan