HBL 1 Year Term Deposit

HBL 1 Year Term Deposit

Rate at 5.00% p.a*

on Habib Bank's secure website



Rate is for a 1 year/12 month term with a minimum investment of Rs. 25,000 for the 'HBL AdvantageAccount'

The rate of 5.00% is 0.47% lower than the average 5.47%. Also it is 2.27 % lower than the highest rate.Updated May, 2016

Compare Habib Bank Deposit rates

Account NameRate
HBL 10 Year Term Deposit6.35%
HBL 5 Year Term Deposit5.39%
HBL 3 Year Term Deposit5.22%

Compare 1 year rates in Pakistan

Account NameRate
MCB 1 Year Term Deposit7.27%
NBP 1 Year Term Deposit4.15%


  • Q: if I deposite 5 lack for 1 year how much I receive after deduction tax plz guide me

    Replyaslam from United States
  • Q: What is proift if i deposit 5000000 term diposit fix for 3 years tell mi

    ReplyImran from Doha, Qatar
    • R: Based on 5% which this has been for over a month you yearly profit is rs 225000 after taxOr you can say rs 18.750 a month after taxWhich is low at the moment these are for Hbl but you can try MCB which may be morefor more info don't hesitate to get in touchwill guide you through . thanks

  • Q: I want to knw profit income of one month if i deposite 2.5 lac for one year. Plz guide me

    ReplyKhalid from Hāsal, Pakistan
  • Q: What is the monthly profit if we deposit 500000 for two years pls ans me in pks rupees

    Replyusman from Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Q: Assalamoalaikum.I want to know profit income of one month if i deposit 5 lac for 1 year????Plz guide me as ur fon bankers are too bzy to answer

    ReplyMrs Yasir from Pakistan
    • R: interest income is not good it's haram in islam so avoid it plz

  • Q: I want to know about fix deposit and saving account monthly rates, terms and conditions, process, and all details plz email me because I want to spend my saving for gain more earning

    ReplyAhsan from Karachi, Pakistan
  • Q: What are the best schemes of profits in Habib Bank for senior citizens. Inform clearly no internet links required.

    ReplyAmjad from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Q: is profit of habib bank halal according to islamic point of view?

    ReplyJugnu from Islamabad, Pakistan