HBL 1 Year Term Deposit

HBL 1 Year Term Deposit

Rate at 5.00% p.a*

on Habib Bank's secure website



Rate is for a 1 year/12 month term with a minimum investment of Rs. 25,000 for the 'HBL AdvantageAccount'

The rate of 5.00% is 0.56% lower than the average 5.56%. Also it is 2.27 % lower than the highest rate.Updated Apr, 2016

Compare Habib Bank Deposit rates

Account NameRate
HBL 10 Year Term Deposit6.35%
HBL 5 Year Term Deposit5.39%
HBL 3 Year Term Deposit5.22%

Compare 1 year rates in Pakistan

Account NameRate
MCB 1 Year Term Deposit7.27%
NBP 1 Year Term Deposit4.40%

Discussion Activity

  • Q: I want to knw profit income of one month if i deposite 2.5 lac for one year. Plz guide me

    ReplyKhalid from Hāsal, Pakistan
  • Q: What is the monthly profit if we deposit 500000 for two years pls ans me in pks rupees

    Replyusman from Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Q: Assalamoalaikum.I want to know profit income of one month if i deposit 5 lac for 1 year????Plz guide me as ur fon bankers are too bzy to answer

    ReplyMrs Yasir from Pakistan
    • A: interest income is not good it's haram in islam so avoid it plz

  • Q: I want to know about fix deposit and saving account monthly rates, terms and conditions, process, and all details plz email me because I want to spend my saving for gain more earning

    ReplyAhsan from Karachi, Pakistan
  • Q: What are the best schemes of profits in Habib Bank for senior citizens. Inform clearly no internet links required.

    ReplyAmjad from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Q: is profit of habib bank halal according to islamic point of view?

    ReplyJugnu from Islamabad, Pakistan